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Looking towards the new year

Christianity is one of the major religions in Tanzania. Like any other country in the world, celebrating Christmas in Tanzania involves the age-old tradition of family get-togethers and decorations. Christmas is a religious festival here in Tanzania which starts with a midnight mass on Christmas Eve and ends with a joyous dinner with the family. Siringit has been delighted to share the festive celebrations with the guests this month and for everyone else, we wish you a very happy holiday season!

Globally the December festive season is typically associated with cold weather, which sadly this hasn’t been the case in Tanzania, or across East Africa. The short rains were over a month late and have offered much lighter and briefer rain showers than usual. The word ‘drought’ is becoming a very popular saying in explaining the current circumstances. In the Serengeti and other Tanzanian National Parks or wildlife areas, water resources are depleting, and food reserves are being exhausted. Competition continues to grow between the different species and overcrowded water sources become a prime hunting spot for opportunists. The endless grasslands remain a light brownish yellow colour, meaning the wildebeest continue to migrate in search of rain and more nutritious grazing areas. Although ‘drought’ periods are considered quite saddening especially when witnessing the hardship that many of these animals’ experience, it is extraordinary to observe first-hand.

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A joyous dinner with the family


The larger herds are currently still populating the western corridor: Grumeti, Moru Kopjes, and Kusini, which is in proximity to both the Siringit Seronera Camp and Migration Camp. These herds are being closely followed by hungry predators, especially lions, who in times of severe adversity are able get their moisture from the body fluids of their prey, especially in consuming blood. They also cleverly conserve water by regulating their body temperatures and resting in shade to avoid loss of water by perspiration. These and other survival tactics are exceptional to observe, especially in how each species responds and adapts to the shortage of water.

The Siringit Migration Camp was specifically designed to move with the migration and appreciate the changing environment. The logistics of the camp and open transparent Bedouin-style design provides guests immediate connection to the environment and activities on the other side of the safe canvas barrier. An intimacy with nature and the closest association to the animals in their migrating or changing ecosystem. ‘You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions’, said profoundly by Karen Blixen best known for the book and movie ‘Out of Africa’. An experience the Migration Camp strives to offer, having guests close, comfortable, and safe to the natural elements.

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Siringit Migration Camp is highly recommended to come ‘see the action’ in Ndutu


With that said, the Siringit team are delighted to announce that the Migration Camp in Ndutu is now open and already welcoming guests! Eric and team have done an incredible job in moving the tented camp from Kogatende in the North Serengeti, right down to Ndutu in the South. The team are excited to host new and returning guests, and for those who have already experienced Kogatende, it’s highly recommended to come ‘see the action’ in Ndutu. All hosted by familiar faces and the same luxurious camp, but in a different beautiful setting!

Looking towards the new year, beginning with the calving season which generally starts middle of January and lasts until end of March, it’s a perfect time to visit. Predators are active with cheetah, lions and occasionally wild dogs stalking and hunting their prey on the plains. Cubs will be taking their first baby steps and begin portraying the future generation of the Serengeti. A truly exciting and quite literally, ‘lively’ time to witness.

We look very forward seeing you around the campfire soon!


In true Siringit style, the team are excited to soon announce new and exciting experiences bringing you closer to nature and offering an even more intimate safari experience. We’ll give you one hint: an exclusive and private experience with the rhinos of Moru Kopjes. All in partnership with TANAPA and towards the conservation of the magnificent black rhino. This and other activities are planned for 2022, to get you closer to the action and experience all the beauty Tanzania has to offer. We will keep you posted, so stay tuned!

2022 is a new and exciting year for the Siringit team and we all look very forward to share this with you and welcome you throughout the year! Our fully vaccinated team wish all our readers, friends, and families a safe and prosperous New Year, and we look very forward seeing you around the campfire soon!


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