• Calving season

    is in full bloom!

Calving season is in full bloom!

Calving season is in full bloom! The rains have fallen, and the wildebeest have officially started calving. Within a two-to-three-week time period, over half a million wildebeest are being born with as many as 8000 wildebeest being born on the same day. 

Returning to the roots of safari, where mobile camps move in symbiosis with the great migrations, the Siringit Migration Camp pairs five-star luxury with the classic mobile safari experience. Currently located in Ndutu, which is near the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Years ago, volcano eruptions within this area have allowed the land to benefit, after the volcanic ashes that were left behind led to nutrient dense soil and grasses – perfect for wildebeest calves! However, it is not only visitors who get to enjoy this spectacle of new life. With so many vulnerable calves around, come hungry predators. Many lions have been spotted and heard around camp this month. Afterall, the circle of life must move with the migration, too!

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The rains have brought the thousands of migrating wildebeest, or ‘nyumbu’ in Swahili, down to Ndutu.


The herds of wildebeest will remain in the Ndutu area for a little while longer as the young wildebeest continue to munch on the nourishing grasses to build up their strength, learn to walk, run, and of course, learn the ropes of survival from their mothers who know most of the tricks that predators pull. 

Gradually, the migration will begin to head north towards the western corridor, where rains have allowed for more nutritious grasses. With the wildlife moving north, so will our Migration Camp, and in a few months you will find us located in our front row seats for the next phase in the migration cycle in Northern Serengeti. 

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Calving season is in full bloom!


Meanwhile, in Seronera, our Curio Shop is now open at the Siringit Serengeti Camp. Visitors can explore our beautiful array of local Tanzanian products we have handpicked for the shop. Sanaa Tanzania, JustBEE, Zanzibar Gin, are just a few of the local brands featured in the shop. Visitors can be sure to find the perfect gifts to bring home to loved ones, or something for themselves!

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Kilimanjaro Golf is busy preparing for the upcoming ‘Challenge Tour’ in early April.


Back in Arusha, Kilimanjaro Golf is busy preparing for the upcoming ‘Challenge Tour’ in early April. The Challenge Tour is the second-tier men’s professional golf tour in Europe. Guests of Siringit Villa can take in all the excitement and action from the comfort of their private veranda, or by the pool! Whether you’re a golf lover or not, Siringit Villa offers a perfect balance of relaxation, and even wildlife viewing. Thomson’s gazelles, grant’s gazelle, and guinea fowl are just a few of the animals that can be seen grazing on the fairways. Guests can enjoy a cold drink while they watch the wildlife go by. The perfect ‘hello’, or ‘goodbye’ to a visit to Tanzania. 

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